About Us

The United States Department of Agriculture identifies the Borough of Edinboro as a food desert. This means that many residents do not have access to healthy food. Edinboro is surrounded by fertile soil and willing growers. The Market provides incubator space for local farmers, growers and producers to sell what they grow and to test new products that allow them to ‘grow’ their business.  Edinboro Market provides a place where shoppers can choose healthy, locally grown food and other products. This allows them to serve food at its peak nutritional value, while supporting our local economy.

The Market offers skills-based classes for those who want to learn food-related skills like making your own yogurt or nut milks and butters. We’ve also hosted classes for growers looking to sell to larger buyers that require additional safety certifications.

Our Founders

Curtis and Marti shopped at several of our current producers’ market stands and farm stores for several years.  We thought “Wouldn’t it be great if there was one store that had all these delicious, local products so we didn’t have to spend the day driving around or waiting for the next farmer’s market?”  Bingo!!!  An idea was born.  We began to connect with more and more good people who were just as passionate about what they did, growing and making delicious food, as we were with what we were about to do – open Edinboro Market.

Edinboro Market sells everything from apples and fresh baked bread to pasture raised meats and eggs. We also carry local staples such as cheese, honey, locally roasted coffees, salsas, maple syrup and farm fresh milk in glass bottles.

What Our Customers Say

Very impressed! I'll probably go to Edinboro just to come here. I got a loaf of homemade buttermilk bread and 6 scones. They were absolutely perfect.- Summer P.
I love this market. I drive 58 miles round trip to go to this AMAZING market. Please visit this very special market and you will love all the natural and homemade items. They also have Pot Of Gold milk in half gallon glass bottles. It's so good. I also love all the homemade baked good. Go visit it's Great.- Becky B.
Edinboro market is bringing back the time of supporting local buisness and agriculture. Support local. Buy local.- Eric W.
This place is awesome and the staff are extremely friendly. Definitely worth stopping in and checking it out!- Gerret S.
Such a neat little shop! All local! Get in there and check it out! You won't be disappointed 🙂- Jessica C.
The Edinboro Market is a treasure, offering fresh organic foods from local farms. Owners Marti and Curtis are welcoming and knowledgeable. Inside the market you will find a variety of seasonal organic vegetables, local meats, free-range organic chickens (not cheap, but worth every cent!), locally produced dairy products (including the best ice cream I have ever tasted), freshly-roasted coffee, and Curtis’s delicious breads and pastries, which he bakes on the premises. In addition, you can take classes, learn about local organic farms, and find out about food events everywhere. It is a delightful resource for everyone.- Brian H.